Abia war dance

Igbo Culture & Traditions

The Abians  are from the eastern region of Nigeria, and the traditional marriage rite in this part of the country is usually very festive and colourful.In many parts of the Igbo land, marriage ceremony is mainly an affair between the bride and groom.  However, in Abia State, parents of the couple, their extended families, villagers and

Mariage in Abia State

Abia Facts & Heritage

Abia State is a state endowed with rich cultural heritage and a business hub in Nigeria…

Abia Food & Recipes

Abia Food & Recipes

Abia state is rich in Organic foods and a tremendous list of mouth watering receipts have been created. Food is part of Abia state Culture. There are studies that examined the role of cassava in improving food security and income among farmers in Abia State, Nigeria.

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As long as you are from Abia state, whether you are a student or new in Canada, You are welcome to join us.

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About Abia Community in Canada

Abia Community organization of Ontario Association Membership is open to every person of Abia State descent (or by marriage) living in Canada. All sons and daughters of Abia State descent and their offsprings domiciled in Ontario , Canada are deemed

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Message from Abia Community

We operate as one big family in Toronto Canada. We care about our members.We cherish our culture and share the dreams with our kids. Please join us to connect and socialize with your brothers and sisters.

I am a proud member of Abia state Community Cultural Organization in Canada. drops. Nwanne, Anyi na eche gi.

Mr. Cyril Obasi Board Member


Abia Cultural Community Organization engages in cultural programs that bring visibility to Igbo Culture and encourage the members of our community to embrace our culture

Abia Food & Recipes
Abia war dance
Mariage in Abia State
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