Igbo Language Lessons and Learning Tools for kids

Igbo alphabet and parts of the human body

This lesson presents the letters of the Igbo alphabet. You will see how the letters are written and hear how they are pronounced. The letters which are also phonetic sounds are used in words and expressions covering mostly parts of the human body.

Igbo parenting

1. Expose our language to your kids


2. Igbo Numbers-Count 1-50

In this lesson, you will learn the technique for counting in Igbo. You will learn to count from 1 to 50. Higher numbers will be covered in a later lesson. This lesson is easy to follow and does not contain a written script.


3. Learn Igbo With Ease

Learn Igbo Language Easily


4.  Igbo Alphbets

More on learning the Igbo Alphabet

Learn the Igbo Alphabet and how to pronounce the letters

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